About Us

About Us

Leading Advisor in Chennai helps you to invest in Mutual Funds at your finger tips. Advise given based on the client needs. Investment is always tailor made and it should be customized and unique. It is not one size to fit all, Never.

As far as we understand, Wealth Creation is a Child Play, provided if you are serious about it. Mutual Fund investment is more and more of understanding this wonderful wealth creation tool, rather than judging performance on a regular basis. Mutual fund will definitely help you to realize all your long term financial goals for sure. Patience Pays.

What is Trackmutualfunds?

Trackmutualfunds is an online MF store one can invest anywhere in the world. When it comes to investment, not only the ease of technology, but also the personal touch is required. We are High Touch and High Tech, whenever you feel to talk or discuss also possible. This Mobile app (Powered by Asset Plus Our Digital Partner) helps you to keep tracking of all your mutual fund investments through different advisors as well as DIRECT at your finger tips in this mobile app.

You are free to use our mobile app even if you are not investing through us. We help to see all your MF investments consolidated at one place. Today you don't have such facility either Free or with Fee. We have built a strong team and our parent company Fortune Planners Investment Services (P) Ltd, has more than decade of experience in the mutual fund advisory space.